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By 2030, India’s population is expected to become the world’s youngest; more than 600 million Indian citizens will be under 25 years of age and more than two thirds of the them will be eligible to work. This means that a growing number of India’s youth need the right educational infrastructure to develop skills and adequate opportunities to get employed or become entrepreneurs.

Building academic and technical knowledge is not enough , as marginalized youth need inspiration and guidance.No matter how smart we may be academically , the youth need to learn and practice LIFE SKILLS to go along with it . This will help them to cope up with real-life situations . The growth and advancement of a country rely on the development and improvement of youthful personalities .

Employers look for critical attributes like communication skills, positive approach towards challenges, discipline, collaboration, proactiveness and many more. Youth need to build capabilities that will make them nation builders. In India, the Ministry of Human Resources and Development looks after skill development at school and college level.

ITEY aims to amplify the skilling endeavors and invest efforts to nurture youth for WORK-LIFE PREPAREDNESS targeting rural college students . ITEY designed an impactful program framework enriching “core employability skills” for Workplace by keeping at center ten life skills defined by UNESCO,UNICEF and WHO.


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2021 Q3

  • HaaS Foundations identified need for YOUTH in having strong sense of self, and a variety of tools to overcome challanges , prepare well future jobs and workplace preparedness
  • ITEY Project Creation
  • Many surveys  are conducted to capture data from rular youth n finding actual gaps

2022 Q1

  • ITEY has formed Vision to Mission
  • Team of 8 leads identified to work on the Mission
  • Team completed research on 10 life skills.

2022 Q2

  • Built an framework of progam module enriching “core employabiity skills “using life skills
  • ITEY formal launch
  • ITEY Website Launch
  • Pre assesment training Surveys publishing

2022 Q3 - 2023

  • Pilot Training programs kick off
  • Offering services to colleges
  • To focus in conducting impactful trainings to rular area colleges

    Our Approach

    • Skills Requirement Analysis
    • Online Sessions on Zoom
    • Online Quick Polls
    • Group exercises
    • Ready to Use tools

    Our Team

    Sushma Boppana
    Sushma Boppana

    Founder/Program Lead

    Srikanth Bhadragiri
    Srikanth Bhadragiri

    Content Lead

    Rajesh Kosaraju
    Rajesh Kosaraju

    Content Lead

    Neelima Boppana
    Neelima Boppana

    Research Lead

    Sneha Nambiar
    Sneha Nambiar

    Content Lead


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