About ITEY

By 2023, India’s population is expected to become the world’s youngest; more than 600 million Indian citizens will be under 25 years of age and more than two thirds of the population will be eligible to work. This means that a growing number of India’s youth need the right educational infrastructure to develop skills and adequate opportunities to get employed or become entrepreneurs

Building academic and technical knowledge is not enough , as marginalized youth need inspiration and guidance. No matter how smart we may be academically , the youth need to learn and practice LIFE SKILLS to go along with it . This will help them to cope up with real-life situations . The growth and advancement of a country rely on the development and improvement of youthful personalities .


ITEY envision youth of today to be armed with life skills in view of their own limitations and emerge victorious to face a competitive world. The aim is to create transformational programs which emphasizes on  LIFE SKILLS to help Youth in becoming keen  collaborative learners, progressive thinkers, handling various challenges and effective speakers


ITEY keeps at centre, the ten core life skills defined by UNESCO, UNICEF, WHO and design custom modules enriching “core employability skills”, targeting engineering students of rural INDIA .Using Digital Training Model as the strategic approach, ITEY focuses on delivering high-quality virtual training sessions .



We value simplicity at our core. We are approachable and our training modules make an impact with transformational life experiences.


We are passionate about everything we do;
We have a clear purpose with which we work and it is designed strategically to empower youth and make them invincible.


We create a lasting and a positive impact on youth . We believe every day is a new day to make a change and add value. Our purpose is driven through zeal, motivation and passion in our training sessions.


We value everyone’s strengths and perspectives especially those with life experiences significantly different from ours.


To collaborate is to multiply the goodness. We aim to lead, and encourage diversified background professionals to join ITEY .

About Founder

Sushma Boppana

Vice president at Leading Corporate Investment Bank
Sushma holds a Master’s Degree in Computer Science and comes up with 18 years of software industry experience playing Technical Manager, Architect and Lead roles in Telecom software design and development using emerging DEVOPS and CLOUD Technologies . Sushma worked with many Global technology companies like Wipro, Mindtree, Tech-Mahindra and Avaya and has excellent interpersonal , organizational and communication skills .She is also expert in managerial skills, career building behaviors and has magnetic skills to influence youth by conducting sessions with inspirational stories.

Sushma strongly believes that any skill can be learnt with firm determination and a purpose. Her further interests in human thoughts and behavior stepped into the learning space of Psychology. She did Diploma in NLP , certified as COUNSELING PSYCHOLOGIST and is a Dermatoglyphics Practitioner . She conducts free workshops over weekends to empower parenting style using the parent coach model by scientific based tools and behavioral techniques. She successfully coached more than 250 parents .

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