Always good to Re-ROUTE like Google Maps

Have you noticed how Google Maps never yells, condemns or castigates you if you take the wrong turn?

It never raises its voice and says, “You were supposed to go LEFT at the last crossing, you idiot! Now you’re going to have to go the LONG way around and it’s going to take you SO much more time, and you’re going to be late for your meeting! Learn to pay attention and listen to my instructions, OK???”

IF it did that, chances are, a lot of us might stop using it.

But Google simply Re-Routes and shows you the next best way to get there.

Its primary interest is in getting you to reach your goal, not in making you feel bad for having made a mistake or chosen to be adventurous .

Its easy to look back and question decisions we have made in the past, but it’s unfair to punish ourselves for them. We cannot blame ourselves for not knowing back then what we know now, and the truth is we made each decision for a reason , based on how we were feeling at that time. As we grow up we learn and evolve. Maybe the person we are now would have done things differently back then, or maybe we are the person we are now, because of the decisions we made back then. Trust your journey, it’s all going to make sense soon.”