Do I Follow My Dreams Or Listen To My Parents?

If You follow your dreams,

  • You may start earning little less as compared to the way your parents asked you to follow but you will be happy/satisfied with your work.
  • You will work more hard because its your dream which you are working for, so chances of success are high.
  • Parents will be little disappointed at first but soon they will understand and will be happy because you are happy.
  • Even if you fail to achieve your dream (which have less chances as you will work hard because you have chosen this path), you will be satisfied by thinking that at-least you tried your best.
  • Then you can go for your parent’s way, as its never too late too begin
  • If you get success, you happy, parents happy, life is good.

Case 2: You opt for path as per parents

  • Your parents would be happy that you are a good son/daughter.
  • You will work but would not be happy with you job as its not the work you wanted to do. which will end up in frustration.
  • You would not work efficiently and it may result downfall to your career.
  • You will be tensed and which will affect your family life and your parents will curse themselves for making you choose their way.
  • At last when you will be dying you will think “Shit man what i did for myself??”

So now you think which case you think is better for you..

Try to talk to your parents, I am sure they will understand because what they want is just to see you happy in life. So convince them about your happiness and your dreams.


  • Living your dream if you can, would be much better not only for you but for your parents also, as they will be held responsible for your downfall while living their dream, on positive side they will be credited for all your success.
  • BUT, if you live your dream wisely, they will be proud of you each and every moment of their life.
  • Don’t hurt your parents, find a midway which makes your parents feel you are living their dream but you are living your’s.
  • I would recommend you to watch these inspiring movies: “October Sky”, “Iqbal”, “Kung-fu Panda”, “Into the Wild”, “Guru”, “National Treasure” etc. These movies will definitely inspire you to chase what you love in spite of the resistance from parents.