Don’t Let Your Problems Go

*If there is a problem in your life, you might try to let it go. People are telling you, “If you can’t find a solution to a problem, let it go, surrender.” You may let it go, but the problem may not let you go…. Every problem is a problem only because you call it so. *In life, there are no problems – there are only  situations. *Everything is a situation. If you call it a “problem” it becomes a problem. If you call it “wonderful” it becomes wonderful….

Life is a continuum of situations, if you are on a growth trajectory, you will be constantly facing situations that you may not know how to handle. These situations may be challenging, but they are not a problem. A true problem would be that there are no new situations in one’s life, which means life is in stagnation mode. If you want to continuously be in a process of dynamic growth, you will constantly be in new situations that you may not necessarily know how to handle. If you are facing many of these so-called problems, you’re living a life of great possibility.